Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back to the Craft Room

Well, I finally returned to the Craft Room this week. I have been in there very little throughout the summer. I have done some rearranging and spent some time placing pictures on completed layouts (I have an entire storage crate full of layouts), but I just could not seem to get around to producing something original. Finally, I have determined my issue with crafting in my room. I sit down with my Gypsy and try to create cards, I get frustrated, and then I quit. While sitting in my room I feel like I need to be creating, so now I sit outside or in the living room to design my cards and then go to the Craft Room to begin putting them together. Hopefully this will help with my lack of production here lately.

My first card from a long hiatus is actually scraplifted from the Sweet Treats cartridge guide book. All of the directions for this card can be found on the opening pages of this booklet. My niece's 4th birthday is coming up, and I knew this was the perfect card for her. She is all about princesses and pink is her favorite color.

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